72Teresa strives to capture the spirit of her subjects in motion and the realism of expression in their faces.  Her intent is to communicate simple true feelings recognizable to all and to capture a fleeing moment in time.  The admiration of her work along with her acknowledgements and awards reflect this ability.


“Each piece of art is a learning opportunity and a new discovery.  I am inspired by my diverse life experiences, most precious memories and my vision of the future.  As our lives can change in seconds, an expression, feeling, or emotion can change with the slightest movement of clay, pencil, or brush leaving a lasting impression.  My desire is to capture genuine emotion of each moment and to evoke a smile and a feeling of joy in all those who see my sculpture.”


Teresa was born in Eagle River, Wisconsin, and spent much of her childhood at her Grandparent’s cottage nearby.  She realized that art was her calling early on, and memories of time spent in front of her grandparents’ fireplace on cool rainy days inspired her desire to be a full-time artist.  She pursued this path wholeheartedly by taking classes in various media.  Although she became skilled in pewter, pencil, paper cast, watercolor and oil, her media of choice is three-dimensional and relief bronze.   She knew, however, that no classroom education would take the place of learning first-hand from those who were masters of her trade.  That is what drove Teresa to make a move to Loveland, Colorado and work with several renowned sculptors who helped her take her abilities to the next level.  When Teresa set up her studio in the town known for sculpture and those who appreciate it, her unique ability to work in fine detail to capture likeness in stylized realism and figurative sculpture was quickly recognized.


Today Teresa dedicates herself fully to her work.  When she sees nature, people and objects around her, she sees something different than the rest of us.  She notices the energy in every movement and sees the detail of every feature.  She intently studies her environment to be more precise and accurate in her work.  That is why if you were to ask Teresa how much time she spent on a particular piece, her answer would inevitably be: “My whole life”.  While each piece is uniquely different, each shows her natural talent and the depth of her experience.


Take a tour of our site to experience Teresa’s remarkable sculpture, to learn about her background and her inspiration, and to read a few of the letters from admirers of her work.


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